Roadside Cache

“Roadside Cache features selections from my travels—discoveries made among the unusual objects and forgotten places along the nation’s rural byways.” – Denise Tarantino, Photographer

Our rural byways are a magnificent subject for any camera lens and photographic passion. Take the simple juxtaposition of people and the serenity of nature; add to that angles, shadows and light, and you’ve created mystery, irony and humor, all in a single photograph. Roadside Cache is a tribute to the relationship between nature, people and passing of time.

For more than 20 years now, Denise Tarantino has spent the bulk of her career traveling to almost every state in the USA. Her assignments are located in predominantly rural, off-the-beaten-track places where her photography has always served as the perfect companion. It’s also been a catalyst to uncovering the local history and culture. Each journey, like a hunting expedition, is unique, rich with hidden treasures that she has come to call roadside cache.